Ross Bailes Takes $10k Tom Smith Memorial in Inaugural Hustle At The Hollow at Dog Hollow

Strongstown, PA (September 17, 2022) Ross Bailes of Clover, SC made the long tow to Dog Hollow Speedway for the inaugural Hustle @ the Hollow a memorable one, by taking home the top honors and a cool $10,000 in the Second Annual Tom Smith Memorial for the ULMS Late Models.

Other winners included Chad Ruhlman of Erie in the RUSH Sprint Cars, Joe Martin of Punxsutawney picked up the win in the Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models, The 358 Late Model feature went to Ryan Sager of Huntingdon, while Shawn Hadden of Punxsutawney claimed the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder feature. It was Tim Laughard of Twin Rocks picking up the win in the Schaeffer’s Lubricant’s RUSH Stock Cars, and the 100-lap enduro to finish out the season went to Clinton Hersh of Somerset.

Gregg Satterlee and Andrew Wylie brought the 24-car ULMS Tom Smith Memorial down to the green flag with Satterlee taking the lead, and then the yellow came out for Del Rougeux, who sailed off the second turn. The complete restart saw Satterlee again dart into the lead, as Wylie was on his bumper the first few laps. The second caution that flew was for the leader, Satterlee, as he came to a stop in the fourth turn. This gave Wylie the lead as the green came back out, as he held the top spot through lap 15, but before that, Ross Bailes had caught Wylie, and they ran side-by-side for a couple of laps, with Bailes on the inside and Wylie on the high side, then on the 16th lap, Bailes made the inside work as they headed into the third turn, as he took the lead.

The caution flew again for Rougeux on lap 18, which regrouped the field, and this put Wylie and Alex Ferree lining up beside each other in the Delaware restart format, but when Brian Biancuzzio restarted the 50-lapper, Ferree faded a few spots as Jason Covert worked his way in the third spot, but Ferree was not ready to fade, as he worked his way back into the runner up spot. Ferree and Bailes were door-to-door, putting on a great exhibition of racing for the fans, as they used each and every inch of the track. Bailes led until the 37th lap when Ferree was able to lead at the line, but Bailes was not giving the win or the lead away, as he re-took the lead just a lap later. Once he was back in the lead, he was able to hold Ferree off for this career Dog Hollow Feature winner and the winner of the Second Annual Tom Smith Memorial. Ferree held on to second over Eddie Carrier, Covert, and Jared Miley completed the top five. Heat wins were to Ryan Montgomery, Jason Miller, Ferree, and Carrier Jr. The two B-Mains were won by Levi Yetter and Danny Snyder.

Chad Ruhlman and Arnie Kent brought the RUSH Sprint Cars to a green flag, with Ruhlman taking the lead and literally checking out. There was one quick caution on the second lap, as the rest of the event went non-stop, as Ruhlman was unstoppable. Kent ran second the entire race Gale Ruth Jr. sat third, and that is how the top three finished. Four went to Blaze Myers, and the fifth went to Jeff Metsger. Kent and Ruhlman split the heat wins.

Joe Martin and Clinton Hersh brought the RUSH Late Models to the green flag as Martin jumped into the lead and never looked back, but he had Hersh on his bumper most of the time while they were working lapped traffic, and third place was really exciting, as Danny Angelicchio, Mike Laughard, Marino Angelicchio, Braeden Dillinger, Colin Casale, and Colby Beighey were all jockeying for that third spot throughout the main event, and as Brian Biancuzzio waved those double checkered flags, it was then that it was decided who would finish in third. The official top five were Martin, Hersh, Dillinger, Marino Angelicchio, and Casale. Hersh and Martin split heat wins.

The 358 Steel Block Late Models were brought to the start with Paul Ivory and Devin Weyandt on the front row for their 20-lap event as Weyandt shot into the lead like being shot from a cannon, and Ryan Sager was shown in seventh place on the first lap, as Weyandt and Jon Lee battled for the lead. As the only yellow of the race flew on lap five for a spinning Chad Desmett, Hersh was on the tail of Lee.
The restart would see Hersh getting the runner-up spot from Lee and Weyandt still setting a fast pace, but no one was watching Sager as he slowly began to work his way through the field. He was only up to fourth on the 14th lap, but then he poured on the power; once he saw the five to go, he was headed to the front, and on lap17 he was on the bumper of Hersh, then he was right on the bumper of Weyandt, then would the two to go lap, Sager took the lead from Weyandt and held on for the win. Sager told on-track announcer Tim Winters, “I had no idea I won this; I thought there was someone ahead of him yet.” Following Sager across the line as he was looking for one more car to pass were Weyandt, Hersh, Lee, and Ivory. Heat wins went to Ivory, Weyandt, and Hersh.

The Four Cylinders had Jeff Huber and Ashton Daughenbaugh on the front row, and at the drop of the green flag, there was a tangle between Huber and Cody Baughman as Huber went into the pits and did not return. The field was regrouped as Daughenbaugh then took the lead at the start and was minding his own business, as Baughman was running in second and Shawn Hadden was third. As the top three were cruising along, here was Adam Pletcher, making a run to the front from his 14th place starting spot, and he was third behind Daughenbaugh and Hadden by the eighth lap. With just two laps to go, Hadden moved by Daughenbaugh and took the lead, as Daughenbaugh had to hold off the efforts from Pletcher, and at the line, it was Hadden taking the win, Daughenbaugh was second, Pletcher was third with Bill Eckenrode and Baughman rounding out the top five. Heat wins went to Huber, Daughenbaugh, and Baughman.

Tim Laughard and John Eckenrod played chase the entire ten laps of the RUSH Stock Car feature; as Laughard led the event from start to finish and Eckenrod was the one playing chase, as the checkered flags fell, it was Laughard taking the win over Eckenrod.

The Enduro 100 at the end of the night was also an exciting event, as Raymond Moore took the lead at the start and had Clinton Hersh in second much of the race, as they were lapping traffic and working the track when Moore had problems and dropped out, the side-by-side action with Hersh came to an end, as Hersh then just rode along waiting for the 100th lap. He was able to take the win; seven laps ahead of second place, which was Andrew Brocious. Jordan McEvoy, Emily Diehl, and Dylan Jones completed the top five.

DOG TRAX: The pits were bulging with 117 cars, including 30 ULMS Super Late Models, 18 358 Steel Block Late Models, 16 RUSH Sprint Cars, 15 RUSH Late Models, 18 Four Cylinders, 2 RUSH Stock Cars, and 18 Enduro cars.

Throughout the weekend, drivers came from 9 different states to compete, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, New York, South Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Saturday night, during heat race action, Late Model driver Lenm Dobrosielski Jr. flipped off the second turn and was transported to a local hospital for observation.

The Pine Township Fire Co. 50/50 was a record for them, with the winner’s share taking home $2,274.

Watch our Facebook and Website for more information on our 2023 season, as this year has come to a close.

Dog Hollow Speedway staff and management would like to thank all of the fans and drivers for their support throughout the season.


Subway of Clearfield, ULMS, Tom Smith Super Late Models Memorial: 1. Ross Bailes, Clover, SC; 2. Alex Feree, 3. Eddie Carrier, Jr., 4. Jason Covert, 5. Jared Miley, 6. Ryan Montgomery, 7. Jamie Lathroum, 8. Matt Cosner, 9. Gregg Satterlee, 10. Jason Miller, 11. John Wayne Weaver, 12. Tyler Emory, 13. Andrew Wylie, 14. Ryan Christoff, 15. Levi Yetter, 16. Rod Phillips, 17. Dave Stamm, 18. Joe Petyak, 19. Danny Angelicchio, 20. Kyle Hardy, 21. Levi Spinneweber, 22. Del Rougeux, 23. Greg Moore, 24. Tom Schirnhofer, Jr.
Did Not Qualify – Jon Lee, Lenm Dobrosielski, Dylan Fenton, Danny Snyer, Danny Kienitz & Gary Lyle

RUSH Sprints: 1. Chad Ruhlman, Erie; 2. Arnie Kent, 3. Gale Ruth, Jr., 4. Blaze Myers, 5. Jeff Metsger, 6. John Mollick, 7. Tyler Newhart, 8. Zack Wilson, 9. Brian Hartzell, 10. Ryan Fraley, 11, Joe Buccola, 12, Rod George, 13. Charlie Utsinger, 14. Brandon Shugart, 15, Ricky Tucker, Jr., 16. Trent Marshall

Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models: 1. Joe Martin, Punxsutawney; 2. Clinton Hersh, 3. Braeden Dillinger, 4. Marino Angelicchio, 5. Colin Casale, 6. Zack Herring, 7. Colby Beighey, 8. Matt Ashworth, 9. Mike Laughard, 10. Danny Angelicchio, 11. Brady Wonderling, 12. Kyle Smith, Jr., 13.Megan Mann, 14. Matt Sala, 15. RJ Dallape

358 Late Models: 1. Ryan Sager, Huntingdon; 2. Devin Weyandt, 3. Clinton Hersh, 4. Jon Lee, 5. Paul Ivory, 6. Steve Scaife, Jr., 7. Tom Decker III, 8. Gabe Shaffer, 9. Joe Loffredo, 10. Marvin Williams, 11. Brandon Marhefka, 12. Bill Phillips, Jr., 13. Ken Summers, 14. Josh Whetstone, 15. Chad Desmett
Did Not Start – Verne Ward, Orvis Newcome, III & Dan Smeal

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinders: 1. Shawn Hadden, Punxsutawney; 2. Ashton Daughenbaugh, 3. Adam Pletcher, 4. Bill Eckenrode, 5. Cody Baughman, 6. Michael Sinclair, 7. Todd Davis, 8. Dominick Shipley, 9. Dustin Gibbons, 10. Skyler Eckenrode, 11. Marc Whetstone, Jr., 12. Cory Price, 13. Ethan Sinclair, 14. Adam Ellis, 15. Bradley Ross, 16. Jeff Huber, 17. Mark Wetzel, Jr.

RUSH Stock Cars: 1. Tim Laughard, Twin Rocks; 2. John Eckenrod

Enduro: 1. Clinton Hersh, Somerset; 2. Andrew Brocious, 3. Jordan McEvoy, 4. Emily Diehl, 5. Dylan Jones, 6. Caleb Pence, 7. Wyatt Pierce, 8. Everitt Fryer, 9. Tiffany Laughard, 10. Ray Moore, 11. Steve Diehl, 12. Jakob Schauer, 13. David Hining, 14. Isaac Mardis, 15. Doug Winning, 16. Wesley Reed, 17. Ashton Laughard, 18. Tyler Fulton
Did Not Start – Jake Waugh