Dog Hollow Speedway Crowns Points Champions

By: Terry Whetstone

(August 31, 2022) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Strongstown, Pa) With the concussion of the 2022 racing regular season and the final race in the books, final points were tallied with Gallitzin, PA driver Joe Petyak taking home the championship in the Subway of Clearfield Super Late Models, with by Michael Duritsky of Masontown in the Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models, Tim Steis of St. Mary’s in the Schaeffer Oil Pure Stocks, Ashton Daughenbaugh of Ebensburg claimed the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder title while Dylan Young of McIntyre won the Texas Auto Ranch Modified Four Cylinder title. A tight battle for the RUSH Stock Car continues between Tim Laughard and John Eckenrod, separated by only 12 points which will be finalized at the completion of the Hustle @ the Hollow weekend scheduled for September 16th & 17th.

In the Subway of Downtown Clearfield Super Late Models, Champion Joey Petyak won the title on consistency, having five top-5, six top-10, and three heat wins. Joey’s performance placed him on top, claiming the title. John Wayne Weaver was second in points with Del Rougeux in third, followed by Michael Lake was fourth with two wins, and Dave Blazavich fifth.

There were eight separate feature winners, with Lake winning two, Denny Fenton with his career first super late model win, and Daniel Hill, Chub Frank, Jon Lee, Alex Ferree, and Ryan Montgomery, Gregg Satterlee winning the ULMS Late Model show on July 22.

In the Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models, Masontown’s Michael Duritsky grabbed three feature wins to start off the season and take the point lead. He never lost the top spot the rest of the season, earning the title. Mike Laughard was second in points, with RJ Dallape, Colin Casale, and Tim Snare Jr. rounding out the top five in points. Other feature winners included: Jon Lee, with two, while single wins went to Ryan Frazee, Jeremy Wonderling, and Joe Martin.

The Schaeffer Oil Pure Stocks saw St. Mary’s driver Tim Steis claim the title and three wins along the way. Second in points was Brad Benton, who had one win. Ron Benton was third, Greg Blystone was fourth with two wins, and Joe Kephart III was fifth. Only one other driver could claim a feature win, that was Josh Fields, and he was subbing for Steis at the time.

The Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinders saw young Ashton Daughenbaugh of Ebensburg win the title for his first-ever championship. He snatched up five feature wins throughout the season. Second place was Bill Eckenrode, Todd Davis was third, rookie Timothy Whetstone was fourth, and Dave Diethrick rounded out the top five. Other feature winners include Shawn Hadden, with two and single wins went to Dylan Young, Mike Phillipson, and Adam Pletcher.

The Texas Auto Ranch Modified Four Cylinder title was won by Dylan Young of McIntyre. He copped two wins during the short season for the division. In second was Timothy Baker with one win. Michael Phillipson was third, Cody Young was fourth, and Michael Sinclair was fifth. Adam Ellis was the only other winner in the division with one.

The Schaeffer Oil RUSH Stock Cars will continue racing for points during the Hustle @ the Hollow, with the champion crowned at the conclusion of the Hustle.

Final Points:
Subway Super Late Models: 1. Joe Petyak, Gallitzin, 339; 2. John Wayne Weaver, 312, 3. Del Rougeux, 299, 4. Michael Lake, 272, 5. Dave Blazavich, 231.

Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models: 1. Michael Duritsky, Masontown, 448; 2. Mike Laughard, 347, 3. RJ Dallape, 327, 4. Colin Casale, 310, 5. Tim Snare, Jr., 272.

Schaeffer Oil RUSH Stock Cars: Final Race Hustle @ the Hollow 1. Tim Laughard, Twin Rocks, 628; 2. John Eckenrod, 616, 3. John Mazey, 104, 4. Chris Wolfe, 56, 5. Mikael Beaver, 52.

Schaeffer Oil Pure Stocks: 1. Tim Steis, St. Mary’s, 396; 2. Brad Benton, 292, 3. Ron Benton, 286, 4. Greg Blystone, 218, 5. Joe Kephart III, 205.

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinders: 1. Ashton Daughenbaugh, Ebensburg, 501; 2. Bill Eckenrode, 429, 3. Todd Davis, 367, 4. Timothy Whetstone, 262, 5. Dave Diethrich, 256.

Texas Auto Ranch Modified Four Cylinders: 1. Dylan Young, McIntyre, 226; 2. Timothy Baker, 223, 3. Mike Phillipson, 111, 4. Cody Young, 100, 5. Michael Sinclair, 98.