Fan Information

2022 Admission Prices

General Admission: $14
Veterans & Seniors 60+: $12
Children 12 & Under: Free
Pit Admission: $30
Note: Any youth under the age of 18 MUST have a Minors Release form completed by legal garden to enter the Pits.

SPECIAL event pricing is not listed and will be made available prior to each event.

Credit Cards will be accepted at the front admission gate only.

2022 Rain Check Policy

a. Track officials may cancel a race if dangerous or unsafe conditions arise. If the race is called because of an accident, weather or any other unforeseen situation, the payoff will be based on the last completed green flag lap. All cars involved in the final caution, stop on the track, and pit will be scored at the end of the last completed lap. For the race to be considered official, 50% or more of the scheduled number of laps must be completed.

b. If management’s selected number of preliminary races or part of the features have been completed and the weather or any other type of situation forces the program to be cancelled, there will be no “rain out”. Make-up features will be run in the subsequent nights, if possible, and no new cars will be added to the field. Rain checks will be void.

c. If a “rain out” is declared, management will specify which event(s) your rain check will be good for. Rain check will be redeemable at event’s face value. No refunds will be given. The possibility of a rainout or circumstances beyond our control that force the postponement of an event is a risk you assume every time you enter the grounds.

d. Exception: If feature event(s) is/are cancelled and the show has been considered a complete show, and no rain date will be utilized, the total feature purse may be split equally among the qualified drivers, if 50% or more of the feature has not been completed. Management reserves the right to choose a scenario that best fits the interest of Dog Hollow Speedway, which may or may not include a make-up night or refunding of all gate receipts.


Dog Hollow Speedway is located at 76 Hamill Road, Northern Cambria, PA 15714.
Take Route 422 to Strongstown, turn onto Route 403, and go north for 3.5 miles.

Track History

In 1996, James (Jim) Michny began construction of a 4/10-mile clay dirt track 4 miles outside of Strongstown, PA. Two years later Jim, with the help of his brother John, opened Dog Hollow Speedway in the spring of 1998.

Over the years the track ran Friday night racing events, hosting just about every class of cars, as well as special racing events, including the World of Outlaws Late Model Series in 2011.

Super Late Model drivers Sammy Stiles and track record holder Shawn ‘Sheetz’ McGarvey raced at Dog Hollow for many years. Both drivers still hold records that remain untouched.

Jim Michny's right-hand man, Terry 'Mole' Bassaro played a very important role throughout Dog Hollow's past. Terry did a wide assortment of tasks from track maintenance, concession stand work, public relations, and marketing. He became involved with all types of race cars at the track but he especially loved the Crate Late Model class, even helping local Crate Late racer Mike Laughard for many years. Terry sadly passed away in early 2017. His hard work and dedication will always remain an important chapter of Dog Hollow Speedway's history.


WRT SpeedWerx PhotosVisit WRT SpeedWerx Norman Kyler or WRT SpeedWerx Derek Bobik to view & purchase photos from Dog Hollow Speedway.