Fenton Scores Career First Super Late Model Win at Dog Hollow; Kenawell Wins 305 Sprint Special

STRONGSTOWN, PA (June 18, 2022) – Clearfield’s Denny Fenton scored his career first Subway of Downtown Clearfield Super Late Model win Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway. Steve Kenawell, Jr. won the Laurel Highland Racesaver 305 Sprints, Michael Duritsky remained undefeated in the Townsend Gas & Oil RUSH Late Models, Ashton Daughenbaugh pulled off what would be considered a miracle in the Texas Auto Ranch 4 Cylinders while Greg Blystone and John Eckenrod split the Schaeffer’s Oil RUSH Stock Car/Pure Stock feature.

Indiana’s Greg Blystone made his first visit of the season a memorable one. Blystone started on the pole and quickly took the lead. The battle for second place saw many exchanges. Ron Benton, Tim Steis, Tim Laughard, and John Eckenrod all took turns for the position while Blystone pulled away. Cautions couldn’t slow Blystone’s speed as he came home the winner over Tim Steis, John Eckenrod, Tim Laughard, and Nathan Yeaney. John Eckenrod won the RUSH portion for the second time this season. Heats went to Blystone and Laughard.

Last Saturday night Ebensburg area driver Ashton Daughenbaugh sat in his driveway with a destroyed car that had barrel-rolled four times. Five days later, and with plenty of help from family and friends, saw the 17-year-old driver parked in victory lane with a new car in the Texas Auto Ranch 4 Cylinders. Daughenbaugh led the opening lap before 2021 point champion Cody Young took over. Young led until lap six. The yellow came out and Young was charged for it giving the lead back to Daughenbaugh, who led the final six laps. It was his second of the season and completed a crazy week for the young man, Bill Eckenrod, Todd Davis, and Cody Young. Cody Young won the heat.

Petersburg driver Reed Thompson took the lead as the green flew in the 20-lap Laurel Highlands Racesaver 305 Sprints. Thomspon and first-time visitor Timmy Bittner ran one-two through three cautions, Ninth starting Steve Kenawell, Jr. went past Thompson like he was shot out of cannon on lap 13, and Kenawell was never challenged earning his third career win at Dog Hollow. Timmy Bittner held on to second over Jarrett Rosencrance (from 12th), Reed Thompson, Jeff Bacha (from 13th), Pete Landram, Jake Gamola, Tommy Jasen, David Cassler, and Jarrett Cavalet. Heats were won by David Cassler and Pete Landram.

In the 20-lap Townsend Gas & Oil RUSH Late Models, it was “Mr. Smooth”, Michael Duritsky, leading every lap unchallenged. The Masontown driver remains undefeated in the class scoring his third straight win. Mike Laughard took second from Clate Copeman with two laps to go. Laughard, Copeman, Joe Moyer, and Tim Snare completed the top five. Duritsky also won the heat.

Denny Fenton out-dragged Clinton Hersh into turn one and set sail in the 25-lap Subway of Downtown Clearfield Super Late Model feature. Fenton drove a perfect race on his way to a career-first win in the Super Lates. Hersh held the second spot until lap 21 when Joe Petyak powered by. Petyak began to close in on Fenton. On the final lap, he went for it in turn three only to loop it, handing second place back over to Hersh. Following Fenton and Hersh at the checker were Dave Blazavich, John Wayne Weaver, and Petyak. Fenton made it a clean sweep winning the heat also.

Subway of Downtown Clearfield Super Late Models (7) – Denny Fenton, Clinton Hersh, Dave Blazavich, John Wayne Weaver, Joe Petyak, Dylan Fenton, Del Rougeux.

Laurel Highlands Racesaver 305 Sprints (15) – Steve Kenawell, Jr., Timmy Bittner, Jarrett Rosencrance, Reed Thompson, Jeff Bacha, Pete Landram, Jake Gamola, Tommy Jasen, David Cassler, Jarrett Cavalet, Frank Rushnock, Jr., Logan Jones, Michael Miller, Jim Kennedy, Joshua Lynn.

Texas Auto Ranch 4 Cylinders (8) – Ashton Daughenbaugh, Bill Enckenrod, Todd Davis, Cody Young, DQ – Dave Deithrick (light), DNS – Dylan Young, Mike Phillipson.

Townsend Gas & Oil RUSH Late Models (8) – Michael Duritsky, Mike Laughard, Clate Copeman, Joe Moyer, Tim Snare, RJ Dallape, James Wills, Colin Casale.

Schaeffer’s Oil RUSH Stock Cars/Pure Stocks (9) – Greg Blystone, Tim Steis, John Eckenrod</strong>, Tim Laughard, Nathan Yeaney, Joe Kephart, Robert Lydic, Ron Benton, Andrew Wallace.