Hustle @ The Hollow Camping Information

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a. All lots are “dry camping” (water and electric hookups are not available).

b. Reserved and non-reserved (drive-up) camping is available at Dog Hollow Speedway Memorial Highway Hustle @ the Hollow Sep 16th – 18th.

c. Camping charge for the reserved campsites is $75.00 per campsite. Non-reserved (drive-up) camping charge is $100.00.

d. The all grass campsites are 30' wide by 50' in length.

e. Reserved campsites become available on Wednesday of the week that the event falls.

f. Services that are available on site - portable water, sanitation service for gray/black water disposal, restrooms located at the grand stands area only, free trash bags and garbage pick-up.

g. For water or sewage pump service sign-up sheets are available at both entrances. To ensure same day service sign up by 10 am. Sunday morning pumping service is available at the North gate entrance.

h. Campfires, golf carts, UTVs (side by sides), generators and pets are allowed.


a. Reserved campsites must be occupied by 12 noon on Friday. If you are unable to comply with this deadline please contact Daneite at 814-521-2332. Unoccupied campsites that have not been paid in full prior to arrival can be sold to another customer after the 12 noon deadline.

b. When you reserve a campsite, you are responsible for the camping charge. If the camping charge is not paid for the campsites reserved it will affect your reservation for the following year.


a. All camping units and vehicles must have a permit prominently displayed. Permits are issued upon arrival.

b. One camping unit and one vehicle is allowed per campsite. A tent may be added with an additional charge. Additional vehicle permits can be purchased. A maximum of two vehicles are permitted per campsite. No Parking on driveways.

c. All driveways are considered FIRE LANES.

d. Camping equipment and vehicle must not extend beyond assigned campsite.

e. Campsites are sold for the intent of camper parking. Campsites may not be used for marketing purposes.

f. Designated quiet time is 12:00 am to 7:00 am.

g. Generators are allowed, but are not permitted during designated quiet time. Please be aware of Carbon Monoxide dangers. Generator exhaust should be properly vented and not discharged into adjacent campsites.

h. Campfires must be contained in a fire ring. Large fires are not allowed. The burning of glass, cans, and wood with nails, screws, or other pieces of metal is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

i. Passengers in open truck beds is prohibited. You will be stopped and asked to walk.

j. Excessive driving/cruising the campground with vehicles is not allowed.

k. Pets are to be leashed and controlled at all times, cleaned up after, and not left unattended.

l. Fireworks are prohibited and users are punishable by all Federal and State laws.

m. Trash is to be bagged daily and placed in front of your campsite for pick up or placed on one of the trash wagons.

n. The release of grey or black water onto the ground is prohibited. This is a significant risk to public health.

o. Camping units must allow at least 15 feet between any side of another camping unit and at least 10 feet between any end of another camping unit.


a. Golf carts and side-by-sides are allowed. They must be registered upon arrival. The $25.00 permits are valid for the year that they are purchased. Please refer to the Golf Cart and UTV rules and regulations for additional information.


a. Camping spaces are sold to you for the intent of camper parking. Each space must occupy a camping unit (RV, Pop-up, Tent, etc.). Space may not be sub-let or re-sold.

b. Please share this information with the rest of your party.

c. Camping is not eligible for credit or refund due to event rain out.

d. RFR Motorsports - Dog Hollow Speedway is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or theft at the camping area and parking.

e. Management reserves the right to evict anyone from the campground for any violation of rules or if problems are caused. There will be NO REFUNDS.


7. NON-EMERGENCY CALL 1-724-349-1052