Lynch takes 410 portion of Burns Memorial; Ferree takes ULMS Portion at Dog Hollow

Strongstown, PA – Sye Lynch of Cowansville picked up the $5,000 payday for the 410 Sprint part of the Burns Brothers Memorail Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway while Saxonburgs Alex Ferree picked up the ULMS Portion of the action.

Other winners as part of the Memorial Chevrolet Hustle @ the Hollow include Michael Duritsky of Masontown in the Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models, Andrew Gordon of Brookville in the Pro Stock feature, Adam Pletcher of Tire Hill copped the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder feature and it was John Eckenrod of Ebensburg taking the win in the RUSH Stock Car feature.

The 410 Sprint cars showed up with 20 cars strong to put on a show of speed for the fans, as Scotty Thiel and Sye Lunch led the field to the green flag, with Thiel taking the lead. A pair of cautions would slow the race on the opening lap, then as Theil led the field into the first turn on lap two, on the second restart, he went high and sailed off the second turn, which would put him to the rear of the field, and it put Lynch in the lead. The final 24 laps went non-stop, as Lynch set a blistering pace, working his way in and out of slower traffic. As he was leaving the rest of the field, AJ Flick, Ryan Smith and Billy Dietrich were jockeying for second spot and Flick won that fight. At the waving of Brian Biancuzzio’s double checkered flags, it was Lynch taking the win over Flick, Dietrich, Smith and Dan Shetler. Heat wins went to Thiel, Lynch and Flick.

The Subway of Downtown Clearfield UMLS Super Late Models saw Matt Cosner and Jon Lee on the front row, as Lee took the initial lead, but he charged into the first turn a little too hard, going off the second turn and bringing out the caution. This would put Lee to the back, but a flat tire put him in the pits and out of action. The restart saw Joey Petyak line up on the outside pole, and at the start it was Cosner taking the lead and Petyak was second. Cautions on laps six and eight for a spinning Tom Schrinhofer, Jr. slowed the race. Cosner continued to set the pace, with Jason Covert taking the lead from Cosner on lap nine. He was holding tough and setting the pace when Alex Ferree charged into the lead and kept all challengers to a minimum, as he picked up the win over Andrew Wylie, Ryan Montgomery was third from 24th, Covert was fourth and Ross Bailes was fifth. Heat wins went to Lee, Petyak and Covert.

The RUSH Late Models saw Danny Angelicchio and Michael Duritsky on the front row, as Angelicchio got out of the gate first, and led the first lap before Duritsky took the lead and he never relinquished it, as he picked up the win. Braden Dillinger was second with Clinton Hersh, Angelicchio and Brady Wonderling completing the top five. Angelicchio and Duritsky split heat wins.

The Pro Stock feature had some problems getting completed, as Fuzzy Fields and Jake Weyer lined up beside each other, as Fields took the initial lead and set through a few cautions before Andrew Gordon took the lead on lap four. While Gordon led the race from green to checkered, he didn’t hesitate to kick it in high gear, as he went on to get the win over Brandon Connor, Bruce Hartzfeld, Tim Bish and Chase Lambert. Heat wins went to Fields, Weyer and Connor.

It was all Adam Pletcher in the Four Cylinder feature, as he got off the line before Joseph Beningo and he never gave up the lead, many tried, including Shawn Hadden, Beningo and Ashton Daughenbaugh. When the 20 lap grind was over it was Pletcher getting the win over Daughenbaugh, Dave Diethrick, Michael Sinclair and Bill Eckenrode. Heat wins went to Pletcher, Beningo and Eckenrode.

John Eckenrod won the RUSH Stock Cars shootout over Tim Laughard. The feature saw Eckenrod lead the whole race, but Laughard was right there and up for the challenge, but coming up a tad short at the line.

Dog Trax: 102 cars filled the pits, including: 26 ULMS Late Models, 20 410 Sprints, 16 RUSH Late Models, 18 Pro Stocks, 20 Four Cylinders and 2 RUSH Stock Cars…The Pine Township Fire Co. 50/50 was $1,740…Tonight is the Tom Smith Memorial and night two of the Hustle @ the Hollow.


410 Sprints: 1. Sye Lynch, Cowansville; 2. A.J. Flick, 3. Billy DIetrich, 4. Ryan Smith, 5. Dan Shetler, 6. Bradley Howard, 7. Jack Sodeman, Jr., 8. Scotty Thiel, 9. Carl Bowser, 10. Todd Gracey, 11. Brandon Matus, 12. Cody Bova, 13. Tyler Denochick, 14. Billy Jones, Jr., 15. Brent Matus, 16. Brandon Spithaler, 17. Mike Lutz, Jr., 18. Danny Smith, 19. William Kiley.

Did Not Start: Zach Morrow.

Subway of CLearfield, ULMS Super Late Models: 1. Alex Ferree, Saxonburg; 2. Andrew Wylie, 3. Ryan Montgomery, 4. Jason Covert, 5. Ross Bailes, 6. Tyler Emory, 7. Danny Snyder, 8. Danny Angelicchio, 9. Eddie Carrier Jr. 10. Del Rougeux, 11. Jared Miley, 12. John Wayne Weaver, 13. Levi Yetter, 14. Clay Ruffo, 15. Gary Lyle, 16. Dylan Fenton, 17. Dave Stamm, 18. Lenm Dobrosielski, Jr. 19. Matt Cosner, 20. Ryan Christoff, 21. Danny Kienitz, 22. Joey Petyak, 23. Tom Schirnhofer, Jr., 24. Jason Miller, 25. Jon Lee, 26. Levi Spinneweber.

Townsend Gas and Oil RUSH Late Models: 1. Michael Duritsky, Masontown; 2.Braeden Dillinger, 3. Clinton Hersh, 4. Danny Angelicchio, 5. Brady Wonderling, 6. Mike Laughard, 7. Colby Beighey, 8. R.J. Dallape, 9. Jon Lee, 10. Ryan Hare, 11. Troy Shields, 12. Marino Angelicchio, 13.Kyle Smith Jr., 14. Ryan Christoff, 15. Colin Casale, 16. Joe Martin.

Pro Stocks: 1. Andrew Gordon, Brookville; 2. Brandon Connor, 3. Bruce Hartzfeld, 4. Tim Bish, 5. Chase Lambert, 6. Bob Rosman, 7. Fuzzy Fields, 8. Dave Korlewitz, 9. Brett McDonald, 10. Tim Lauguard, 11. Tim Steis 12. Larry Kugal, 13. Ray Hickok, Jr., 14. Gary Miller, 15. Chris Schneider, 16. Duke Davidson, 17. Jake Weyer, 18. Joey Zambotti.

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinders: 1. Adam Pletcher, Tire Hill; 2. Ashton Daughenbaugh, 3. Dave Diethrick, 4. Michael Sinclair, 5. Bill Eckenrode, 6. Dustin Gibbons, 7. Todd Davis, 8. Chris Myers, 9. Skyler Eckenrode, 10. Ethan Sinclair, 11. Joseph Beningo, 12. Timothy Whetstone, 13. Shane Wagner, 14. Isaac Martis, 15. Shawn Hadden, 16. Mark Whetzel, Jr., 17. Adam Ellis, 18. Quinten Beeman.

Did Not Start: Kyresten Whetstone, Dayton Hazlett.

RUSH Stock Cars: 1. John Eckenrod, Ebensburg; 2. Tim Laughard.