Rule Change for 4-Cylinders Will Split Division in Two

STRONGSTOWN, PA (July 22, 2022) – The 4-Cylinder class at Dog Hollow will now see two different divisions. After a few events, it was determined that the Honda Vtech engines were at a clear advantage. It was decided that they needed to have their own division so we will run a Mod 4 class for those cars.

Effective immediately any engine with (VTEC) Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control or similar devices will not be permitted to race under the current Dog Hollow Speedway Four-Cylinder Division.

Starting July 1, the second division will be known as a Modified 4 Cylinder class. The Division will be a stand-alone class running separate heats and features following the SCDRA Rules allowing those engines with VTEC. Purse and points will be awarded as outlined in the DHS General Rules.

Rules are posted on our website.

4-Cylinder Rule Change Bulletin

Modified 4-Cylinder Rules