Saturday Race Will Be A Non-Points Race At Dog Hollow For All Classes; Pure Stock Rules Clarification

STRONGSTOWN, PA (May 16, 2022) – Dog Hollow Speedway will be running Saturday, May 21 this week. Marion Center has the Connor Bobik Memorial for WoO Late Models on Friday evening, so Dog Hollow is switching to Saturday in a cooperation move.

Promoters Mark McClellan and Kyle Smith have decided to make Saturday’s race a non-points show for all classes.

“Some drivers may be running for points at other tracks and we don’t want to force them to make a choice between tracks,” said Smith. “Two tracks are off that night and we are hoping to get a few cars from those tracks.”

Saturday’s show for the Pure Stocks is going to be run under the rules we used at the end of the last season. It is open to your track rules but no Street Stocks are allowed. Dog Hollow tire rule will still be in effect. No open tires.

If you have any questions call the speedway at (814) 525-0549 or (814) 483-6121.