Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants On Board as RUSH Pure Stocks/Pure Stock Division Sponsor for 2022 at Dog Hollow

STRONGSTOWN, PA (March 19, 2022) – Dog Hollow Speedway would like to welcome Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants on board as the title sponsor for our RUSH Pure Stocks/Pure Stock class for the new season. Schaeffer’s came on as a product sponsor last season and has decided to step and take over our combined Pure Stock classes for 2022.

This has all been made possible with the help of local dealer Jerry Clark of Johnstown, PA.

Shaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants include synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives and have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils, as well as specialty items like our chain, lubes and degreasers

The heritage of their past gives them a keen eye on the future. In 1839, Schaeffer Manufacturing Company provided greases and oils for wagon trains and steamboats. Times and technology changed. So did Schaeffer. Since then, they’ve developed many of our current concepts in lubrication, including advanced additives for performance, friction modifiers for fuel economy, and synthetics for extended lubricant life.

Their strong foundation of success and their pioneering change along the way are predictors of great things to come at Schaeffer Manufacturing Company. Adapting to the changing needs of our customers for over 175 years by inventing new technologies gives Schaeffer a special advantage. Knowing where we’ve come from provides the best route to our customers’ future success.

If you would like to find out more about Schaeffer products you can contact Jerry Clark at 814-244-3048 or [email protected]